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This is a list of stuff I am using in my projects and that is available through my sponsors.

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Recommended 3D printers in my workshop (my personal ranking)

Tonxy P802
My first printer with a 2-in-1 hotend is the Zonestar M8R2 (Review). Same as the Anet A8 and the Tronxy P802 listed below, it ships as a kit.
With the 2-in-1 design you can print with two colors of one kind of plastics, thus you can create multi colored objects. I am definitely no artist which is why this feature is not really relevant for me. The reason why this printer is listed on top of my personal ranking is the mainboard that offers lots of free interfaces. You can upgrade the printer with a second hotend, filament sensors or autoleveling. The print quality "out of the box" is definitely not bad. It's a printer for tinkerers like me!

You can buy the Zonestar M8R2 on
Special offer with Coupon Code: 0109M8R2


Tonxy P802
My first 3D printer ever is the Tronxy P802, followed by the almost identical Anet A8.
Both printers ship as kits which is why they are great devices to learn about 3D printing from scratch. A huge community provides countless 3D printable upgrade parts as well as optional firmware versions. Right "out of the box" the results are really good (the Tronxy P802 is better in stringing). By upgrading the printers methodically you can improve the print quality and lift it to an impressive level.
The base price it extremely low and spare parts are commonly available, so that you can iron out even very stupig handling errors that resulted in hardware damage.
Tinkerers friend and so still my favourites!

The reviews about the Tronxy P802 (Review) and the Anet A8 (Review) are available on my pages.

On you can buy the Tronxy P802 as well as the Anet A8.


Tonxy P802
My first 3D printer with dual extruder is the Zonestar P802QR2 (review).
With both hotends being mounted on one carriage, the dual extruder mode is tricky to handle; the results in single extruder mode are good. It's a device for makers that want (or need) to get a hand on a dual extruder printer for a very low price. It works, but you need to spend more time with this machine than with a single extruder printer.

On you can get the Zonestar P802QR2.
Special offer with Coupon Code: 0109P802QR2


Anycubic i3 Mega
An assembled printer with a solid metal frame, giving good results is the Anycubic i3 Mega (Review).
The driver for the touchscreen is a closed source binary, thus firmware is more or less only available through the manufacturer. It's no machine for the software tinkerers and fine tuners, but for people that want to start printing quickly instead of assembling a kit or dealing with all parameters a 3D printer offers in general.

GearBest Limited offer with Coupon Code: AnycubicI3ME

Ender 3D Druckerer Bauanleitung
My mantra is "small is beautiful" and that's what the Ender (Review) meets perfectly. It's a cheap printer that ships as a kit, however the skills needed to assemble the printer are low. I assembled the Ender in 3 hours, but had to make lost of pictures and video sequences for my rewiew. You should be able to do it in round about one hour.
The Ender doesn't occupy lots of space on your desktop or in your workshop and you can quickly put is away whenever it is not in use. The maximum temperature of the print bed is 60°C which is no huge drawback, because of the not so large print volume. The print results are really good and if you'd like to see what 3D printers can do (or can't do), it is a cheap investment in an excting technology or a second printer for your office.

GearBest Limited offer with Coupon Code: ENDERC

Tevo Michelangelo 3D printer
Another compact printer I like is the Tevo Michelangelo (Review). The mechanics is more sturdy than that of the Ender listed above, however the print bet is not heated. If you print more or less in PLA only (as I do), there is no need for that heating.


Tonxy P802
I know, you want a printer that can manufacture an Airbus A380 in one piece! If you are looking for a printer with a large build volume and good print quality, the CR-10 (Review) is definitely an option.
The printer ships widely preassembled so that it is ready to go in approximately an hour. The frame made of aluminum bars is sturdy and the printing results are very good.
The successor ("upgraded version") with more features and an even improved print quality is the CR-10S (Review).

GearBest Special offer for CR-10 with Coupon Code: GB3D1201

Limitied offer for CR-10S with Coupon Code: AdventCR10S

Anycubic Kossel Delta printer
My first 3D printer in a Delta design is the Anycubic Kossel (Review). Delta printers are different to handle than "normal" (cartesian) printers. The kossel is a very cheap device and so recommended for people that want to learn about the specialities of delta mechanics. It's definetely not the best choice for beginners. Due to the low costs, there is no heated bed.


Tronxy-X5 3D Drucker Modifikationen
The Tronxy X5 is a good example that printers that come as a kit are more easy to modify than devices that ship assembled. To get good print results, I had to modify large parts of the Z axis. To my mind the hours needed for the modifications were a good investment, because I really like the sturdy cube design. It's no good chioce for beginners, but worth having a closer look for skilled tinkerers and people that are willing to spend hours in doing experiments with a 3D printer.


PLA filament
I definitely like the PLA filament I got from Gearbest.


You can get a list of all printers I have tested as well as general thoughts about buying cheap printers in the overview of my 3D printers.


More special offers for 3D printers

Have a look at my personal ranking, if you want to see what printers I prefer.
Creality3D Ender 3 pro High Precision 3D Printer
Coupon Code: GBEnder3pro
Price tag without guarantee:
214.56€ (205.61€ with Coupon)
Creality3D Ender 3 DIY 3D Printer Kit
Coupon Code: 3DEnder12
Price tag without guarantee:
168.07€ (151.97€ with Coupon)
Creality3D CR - X Quickly Assemble 3D Printer 300 x 300 x 400mm
Coupon Code: GBCRX
Price tag without guarantee:
617.75€ (572.15€ with Coupon)
Creality3D CR20 Quickly Assemble 3D Printer
Coupon Code: 72HCR20
Price tag without guarantee:
357.60€ (339.71€ with Coupon)
Creality3D LD - 001 DLP Light Curing 3D Printer
Coupon Code: GBLD001
Price tag without guarantee:
491.70€ (473.81€ with Coupon)
TEVO Tornado
Coupon Code: GBTOR822
Price tag without guarantee:
303.95€ (295.01€ with Coupon)
Tevo Flash Standard DIY Kit
Coupon Code: GBFlash
Price tag without guarantee:
312.90€ (295.01€ with Coupon)
Anet A6 3D printer kit
Price tag without guarantee:
UV - LED 3D Printer 115 x 65 x 155mm
Price tag without guarantee:

CNC engraver

Tonxy P802
I have made a review of this T8 CNC engraving maschine. The price is lower than all of it's components and I will start modifying the machine, soon.
You can get your personal T8 on Gearbest.



Lathe CNC007
A lathe type CNC007 is on it's way to Germany for a review.
The multitool comes with tiny sawing and grinding blades. I am curious what can be done with this machine. After the review my plan is to add stepper motors to make is computer controlled.

Coupon Code: GBACNC


Model cars in my RoboSpatium

Zombie 8E RC Modellauto
The HUINA 1577 is a radio controlled forklift that is really fun to drive. I have demonstrated how to convert it into a browser controlled forklift so that you can drive it with your Smartphone.
You can drive it in my RoboSpatium for free - try it out!

Zombie 8E RC Modellauto
The Zombie 8E is a very powerful RC car that I will use to convert into a large camera robot in the (hopefully not so far) future.


Jule UJ99-2815B RC Modellauto
Cheaper than the WLtoys 18628 is the Jule UJ99-2815B that I also converted to a camera equipped rover. You can drive it in my RoboSpatium whenever it is online for an outdoor mission.

WLtoys 18628 RC Modellauto
The WLtoys 18628 is the first commercial RC car that I have converted to a rover using a Raspberry Pi and a Camera module. You can drive it in my RoboSpatium whenever it is online for an outdoor mission.
There is also a detailed instruction of the conversion online.


Microcontroller Kits

Funduino Starter Kit
This Funduino starter kit is my entry point into a series of chapters about "Physical Computing".
There are many sensors, LEDs as well as tiny motors inside the box, by what it is a really good point to start experimenting with the fascinating world of microcontrollers.


Accessoires for Arduino & Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi on GearBest
Lots of accessories and addon boards are available for Arduino and Raspberry Pi. On you can get sensor kits, Bluetooth or WLAN expansion boards, cables, breadboards and more for really low prices. I will demonstrate how to use that peripherals in future chapters about Physical Computing and IoT.
I can't say, if the Arduino clones offered on these pages work well with the standard programming environment (yet).


Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi on Gearbest
The Raspberry Pi is a great single board computer running Linux. I am using Raspberry Pis in several projects such as my plotter composed of old optical drives, my V-plotter, I created a personal Internet Of Things and it all started with my page about the Raspberry Pi.

Get various Raspberry Pi models on


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