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Open source software
Projects with know-how
Hardware projects

HomoFaciens is supported by opensource software:
Tux the Linux mascot
The mother of all open source software and projects. An operating system for free and open source for all people who want to have a look behind the scene and who like to know wherefore computing power is needed. As an introduction to this subject here is just one link besides countless pages.
Open SUSE Logo
Besides an unclear number of Linux distributions I am using OpenSUSE at my main computer. The included software packages give you an appropriate tool for every problem and it is running fine on my more than 6 year old computer. I have seen some brand new computers being slower with Windows 7...
Java Logo Duke
Sun Microsystems gives you an architecture neutral and portable programming language called Java for free. There are some Java-applications at HomoFaciens introducing you in technical stuff concerning electrification of cars.
To be able to run the Java-apps of HomoFaciens, you have to download and install Java on your computer (if not already done). Java is available for free at the Java homepage
OpenOffice Logo
Also provided by Sun Microsystems is the software package OpenOffice, which is available for free at the homepage. The software suite includes word processing, spreadsheets, vector graphics and some more programs. The papercraft of the project car was built with OpenOffice draw.
Gimp Logo
The GNU Image Manipulation Programm is the tool of my choice concerning picture editing. Almost all graphics of HomoFaciens were done with this program. It's available for free for Linux/Unix, Mac and Windows.
Wikipedia Logo
Knowledge freely available for everybody. If you would like to get to know more about physics and history of electrical vehicles, you will find plenty of reading material at these pages.
Audacity Logo
I am doing the sound editing of the videos with the help of this program.
Available for Linux, Windows and Mac.
Blender Logo
An extremly multifunctional 3D modelling program. I generated some virtual models of the electric motor with the help of this software.
Available for Linux, Solaris, Irix, Windows and Mac.
Kdenlive Logo
The video editor of my choice. Available for Linux (also as live CD) and Mac.
Openshot Logo
A simple to use video editor. Available for Linux (also as live CD).
Projects with know-how:
Raspberry Pi Foundation
The Raspberry Foundation handed a real computer to mankind.
Have a look at the website to see what mankind is doing with that calculator.
Go to the Quick Start Guide or the NOOBS setup to see how to get your Raspberry Pi running.
This is another great project that hands knowledge to mankind for free! As all Wiki's it is easy to contribute - simply add or extend chapters by yourself.

"The ChemWiki is a collaborative approach toward chemistry education where an Open Access textbook environment is constantly being written and re-written by students and faculty members resulting in a free Chemistry textbook to supplant conventional paper-based books."
Another Wiki based learning plattform is Serlo. The english version ( is under construction and you are invited to participate.
We are taking back the term "Hacking" which has been soured in the public mind. Hacking is an art form that uses something in a way in which it was not originally intended. This highly creative activity can be highly technical, simply clever, or both.
DIY is the mantra of the Make Magazine that is also available as print magazine. It's a huge source of inspiration!
EngineersGarage hosts many, many projects with microcontrollers and single board computers. You can find articles, HowTos and a forum that offers help if you have a question about electronics. All that stuff showcased on these pages would fill more than one garage...
V-USB from Objective Development gives you the possibility to communicate with microcontrollers of the ATMEL company via USB-interface. You can download the accordant firmware and many examples demnonstrate the functionallity of the software.
For example the Rover of HomoFaciens communicates via V-USB with the netbook on it's top. Y10 Learning Outcomes
is a Wiki that spreads knowledge for free and grows by collaboration. The aim is to give you quick access to subjects about electrical engineering.
Slatedroid Forum
How to get Linux on a WM8650 device was figured out by the fellows of the Slatedroid forum.
How the world tinkers - be inspired by some interesting pages: The Small Exploration Assistant Rover is build by students of the Technischen Universität Berlin and is meant to explore distant worlds.
I am trying to do the same with my RoboSpatium.
Open Stepper Driver
Quality driver boards for stepper motors as open hardware project:
If you are looking for quality boards, you should have a look at these pages. With open hardware, you can improve the design (if needed) and repair the board in case something went wrong!
The YouTube channel of JoEtuuube.
A short video series about a homemade CNC sharing a lot of tricks and know how. The first part starts here:
A collection of projects with Raspberry Pi, Arduino and other hackable devices.
If you like my RoboSpatium, you should have a look at LiveBots. It's a great project that enables tinkerers to show their results in a live stream.
Viktor, who is operating his Robarium using this technology, told me about that website.
How to save energy with old beverage cans is demonstrated at these pages. It's a good example for a low tech project with a high value of benefit.
The pages are available in French and German language.
The guys from freaksconer are sharing their projects with the world (only in German language available).

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