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10. May 2024
Direkt Granule Extruder V4.1: Screws
Blog May 10, 2024

What type of screw is suitable to extrude plastic, is investigated in the latest chapter on Extruder V4.1.
April 27, 2024
Direkt Granule Extruder V4.1
Blog April 27, 2024

Extruder V4.1 is the next step of my Direct Granule Extruder. I have optimized the thermal design of the extruder tube.
April 6, 2024
Direkt Granulat Extruder V4
Blog April 6, 2024

With Extruder V4 I am continuing my development of an Direct Granule Extruder.
March 17, 2024
Herstellung von Kunststoffpulver
Blog 17. März 2024

I investigated what energy is needed to grind PLA pellets into plastic powder.
March 1, 2024
Making plastic powder
Blog März 2024

In order to be able to supply my direct extruder with fresh material, I made plastic powder from pellets using a router.
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