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May 06, 2021
Python: Switching GPIOs
Blog May 06, 2021

So far I have not eplained anything in depth about the software side of "Physical Computing". That will change now. The first chapter deals with switching GPIOs using "Python".
April 21, 2021
Rover R18
Blog April 21, 2021

My latest rover, called "R18", is also my cheapest robot to date, which is why I made three of them. The software required to control it via a browser is also quite compact, but I put lots of effort into the build instructions, including a video.
You can see which of the three new servants is currently online and therefore free for a test drive in my RoboSpatium.
Have fun with exploring my robot room!
April 13, 2021
Mingda D2
Blog 14. April 2021

My review of the Mingda D2 is also a look back on 4 years of 3D printing.
To the right on the title photo you can see a new vehicle for my RoboSpatium. While recording the video of the Mingda, I have printed the parts needed to build a new type of Rover that will be coming next.
March 2021
Blog 16. März 2021

The "WorldPrinter", a machine I have created for an art installation of Theo Deutinger, arrived in Graz, Austria. All details about the project are available in the new chapter.
In the shipping box of the WorldPrinter, one of my Rovers traveled to Graz, too. More about that in my RoboSpatium.
February 19, 2021
Isolation milling with the CNC 3018Pro
Blog 19. Febrnuar 2021

With the help of a CNC 3018Pro from Mostics I have dived into isolation milling and so made a PCB. The full report including a video is available in the new chapter.
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