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Welcome to my RoboSpatium

The RoboSpatium is a place where you can operate my camera equipped robots. The name is derived from the words Robot (Slawic: "robota", for "forcedlabor" or "socage") and Spatium (Latin word for "space"). The spatium, thus the robot space is (most of the time) located above me and it is furnished with things I have treated at the column technology. Besides those things, there is some more stuff arranged there which can be observed live (well, with a few seconds delay) and colored with the help of my mechanical servants. It is some kind of playground for scientists, students or pupils - so have fun!

At the lastest from 12th of September 2012 there is: The RoboSpatium is top!
EarthCam Top 10 Winner

User manual

In the chapter with the User manual you can learn how to control my Rovers.

The cameras of the RoboSpatium:

Rover number 11 is the prototype of a new generation of robots replacing the old versions as my first Rover ever or Curiosity Pi. Enter the Control Center of R11 to make a test run and leave a comment of your drive experience.

Rover number 14 is based on a pi-top[4] and is driving in my museum of Rovers.

Lander number 2 is a stationary camera you can rotate and tilt, based on two Raspberry HQ camera modules. Its made for remote controlled experimenting with focus, shutter times or ISO adjustments.

R18a, b and c are my cheapest Rovers to date, based on an ESP32-CAM. Currently, this tiny robot fleet is only online in my RoboSpatium for limited timespans, until the batteries are discharged. The software is in an early state and I must prepare a special area for them.

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