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November 22, 2023
Aktiver Hammer, Teil 1
Blog November 22, 2023

After the Wagner Hammer I have now designed a first actively controlled hammer, to do some more engraving with spark erosion.
November 4, 2023
Engraving with a Wagner Hammer, Part 3
Blog November 4, 2023

In part 3 on Wagner's Hammer I demonstrate how to convert DC motors to engrave any metal.
October 27, 2023
Engraving with a Wagner Hammer, Part 2
Blog 27. Oktober 2023

In part 2 on Wagner's Hammer, I demonstrate the impact of current and lifting power on the engraving results.
October 14, 2023
Engraving with Wagners Hammer
Blog October 14, 2023

I show how you can engrave metals with Wagners Hammer in my latest chapter on spark erosion.
September 2, 2023
EDM: Electronics (1)
Blog September 2, 2023

I give you a first look on the electronics of my EDM machine and point to the things that will be improved, next.
August 16, 2023
mail2code: Rover R21 from cardboard
Blog August 16, 2023

The second robot for my project "mail2code" is named Rover R21 and is composed of cardboard.
This will also be presented on Teacher's day at Maker Faire Hannover (Germany) on August 19th, 2023.
August 12, 2023
mail2code: Rover R20
Blog 12. August 2023

With a 3D printer I have built Rover R20 for my code learning project "mail2code".
This will be presented on Teacher's day at Maker Faire Hannover (Germany) on August 19th, 2023.
August 5, 2023
EDM: Experiments with plasma and sparks
Blog 5. August 2023

With some experiments, I took a closer look at the properties of sparks.
29. Juli 2023
Funkenerodieren: Die Effekte durch Wasserspülung
Blog 29. Juli 2023

Again I modified my spark eroding machine. The new chapter deals with the effects of cooling and flushing on the eroding process.
July 22, 2023
Spark erosion through a microscope
Blog July 22, 2023

I have modified my EDM setup to give you a microscopic view on the erosion process.
16. Juni 2023
Cheap CNC machines
Blog 16. Juni 2023

In a new chapter about "Physical Computing", I discuss why I like cheap CNC machines.
June 4, 2023
Blog June 6, 2023

In order to bring you closer to the software side of "Physical Computing", I started the project mail2code.
March 8, 2023
Automatic Xylophone
Blog March 8, 2023

With an Arduino MEGA I have built an automatic Xylophone / Glockenspiel.
March 5, 2023
Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi
Blog March 5, 2023

For my project "How Open Is Tghis Gadget?", I received the brand new GIGA R1 WiFi Board from Arduino and did my first experiments.
February 13, 2023
Winding Machine
Blog February 13, 2023

I have converted a 3D printer into an automatic winding machine.
February 3, 2023
Demo board H Bridge
Blog February 3, 2023

In order to be able to explain various motor drivers, I created the circuit board for a freely programmable, double H-bridge and had it manufactured.
January 17, 2023
A new energy source for my Robospatium
Blog January 17, 2023

From the company Vevor I got a wind turbine type FT-400. I will soon equip this turbine with sensors and integrate it into my RoboSpatium. So you will be able to follow live how much wind energy the turbine can harvest. The presentation of the FT-400 is already available on my second project "How Open Is This Gadget?".

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