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R20, mail2code - Construction

The video about R20

About R20

Robot R20, mail2code, based on a Raspberry Pi and an ATmega2560
Figure 1:
With my project mail2code I would like to make it as easy as possible for you to enter the world of "Physical Computing". If you want to learn programming or are just curious how it works, here is the mail2code project page.
Rover R20 is the first mobile coding station. This robot is at home together with other mechanical colleagues in my RoboSpatium. This project is also free for you and accessible without registration.


Robot R20, 3D print
Figure 2:
The mechanical components of R20 originate from a 3D printer. The construction is so compact that a print volume of 20x20x20cm is sufficient. All parts can be printed from PLA, or if higher temperature stability is required, from PET-G.

Robot R20, printed parts
Figure 3:
About 540g of filament are required in the current stage of development.

Robot R20, assembled
Figure 4:
The assembly is quite simple. Here the finished rover from all angles.

Parts list:

When buying components via the affiliate partner links I have listed in the table (or through the banners on my pages) you help to keep my my projects going - many thanks!
Clicking on the links does not mean you have to buy - you can simply browse through the pages ;-)

Of course, supporting my freely accessible educational platform without shopping but by making a donation or becoming a Patreon also works. Many thanks to everyone who already sent me an obol!

Part Online shop Remarks
Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi on

Raspberry Pi on eBay UK

Raspberry Pi 4 on Amazon
Central brain. Model 4 has sufficient computing power for desktop applications, but in principle the robot also works with the less powerful predecessor models.
Raspberry camera module Raspberry camera on

Raspberry camera on eBay UK

Raspberry camera module on Amazon
USB cameras work, too, but the Raspberry camera offers a lot more software features.
Powerbank Powerbanks on

Powerbanks on eBay UK

Powerbank on Amazon
Two outputs needed, one for the Raspberry Pi and the second for the servos.
Standard Servo Standard servo on

Standard servo on eBay UK

RC servo on Amazon
Camera servo
Servos for continuous rotation 360 degree Servos on eBay UK

360 degree Servos on eBay UK

360 degree servo on Amazon
2 pieces needed as drive motors. Note that standard size servos are required!
3mm nuts and bolts 30mm screws M3 on

Nuts M3 on

30mm screws M3 on eBay UK

Nuts M3 on eBay UK

M3 screws on Amazon

M3 nuts on Amazon
30mm thread length, cut the screws where they are too long.
Micro USB cable USB cables on

USB cables on eBay UK

USB cables on Amazon
Power supply of Raspberry Pi and servos.
Shorter is better.
If a Raspberry 4 is used, you'll need a USB cable type C!
PLA or PET-G filemant for better temperature stability
Resistors 1kΩ Resistors on

Resistors on

Resistors on Amazon com

Resistors on Amazon uk
LEDs LED assortments on

LED assortments on

LEDs on Amazon com

LEDs on Amazon uk
5mm diameter, white
Prototyping board Prototype boards on

Prototype boards on

Prototype boards on Amazon com

Prototype boards on Amazon uk


Robot R20, schematic
Figure 5:
Circuit diagram

Software / Download

The schematic and 3D files are included in the download package. The software isn't really finished yet. How it works in principle can be found on the mail2code website.

Test drives

Have a look at my RoboSpatium to see what robots are currently available for a test drive. Have fun!

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