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R4 - Construction

Operating manual R4
Control R4

The Video about R4

Parts list

Device Number Usage Source / Details
Board 1 (small piece) Base plate for microcontroller and peripherals.  
L4940V5 2 Linear voltage regulator 5V  
Capacitor 0.1μF 2 Voltage regulation  
Capacitor 4.7μF 2 Voltage regulation  
2N7000 1 Small signal transistor
Switch LEDs
IRZ9Z34N 1 P-channel MOSFET
Turn Raspberry power off if host computer is locked...
Resistor 100Ω 4 Current limit LEDs  
Raspberry Camera module 1 Camera  
Mini servo 5 Camera angle and drive  
LEDs 4 Headlight Old LED flashlight
approximately 2cm diameter
4 Under carriage DIY store
Metal sheet 1 Chassis Computer housing
Raspberry Pi 1 Hostcomputer of Rover  
Atmel328P 1 Arduino Uno R3 with Board to upload software  
16MHz Oscillator 1 Clock speed Atmel Chip  
Capacitors 15pF 2 Oscillator 16MHz  


R4 Mechanics
Figure 1:
The central brain of R4 is a Raspberry Pi, a low cost single board computer.
The dimensions are approximately: 9 x 9 x 22cm (LxWxH) including power pole.

R4 Drive
Figure 2:
Four Servos, modified for continuous rotation are used as drive.

R4 Camera module
Figure 3:
Servo number 5 controls the camera angle.

R4 Power pole
Figure 4:
The electricity runs through a power with anti twist mechanism at the top of the rover.


R4 Computer
Figure 5:
A Raspberry Pi and an Atmel328P are used to control the robot through WLAN.

R4 Rotational sensor
Figure 6:
This is the first robot that has sensors. I am using a MPU6050 board that is connected to the Atmega 328P to detect rotational movement.

R4 Infrared interface
Figure 7:
Through the infrared interface the robot can communicate with other microcontrollers.

R4 Infrared interface
Figure 8:
Circuit layout. The infrared interface is not used in the simplified software package, thus you can omit TSOP4838 and LD271.

Software package

You can download a simplified software package in the column Download. The file README.txt contains the instructions for installing and configuring the software.

<<< Curiosity Pi         R5 >>>

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