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February 20, 2017
3D printing is here!
Blog February 20, 2017
Gearbest sent me a 3Dprinter kit type Acrylic 3DCSTAR P802-MHS.
Gearbest is an online electronics seller based in China, shipping to most countries in the world. The prices this company offers are definitely lowest. Including shipping to Germany, the printer is clearly less than 200,-€! Don't forget to add filament to your order, because for this price, all you get is the bare printer kit.
I will use the printer to write a short series of chapters (including videos) about filament printing, starting with the mechanics needed to do 3D printing.
First thing to be done is assembling the kit...
The video about my WinchBot is available for my Patreons and it will go public in a week - stay tuned!
February 13, 2017's a WinchBot.
Blog February 13, 2017
All parts of my latest project are assembled, the circuit is soldered and the software written.
Next thing to be done is recording video sequences and put it all together in a new chapter.
February 6, 2017
Work on my new robot goes on.
Blog February 6, 2017
The winches are in place. The central part with 5 servos is missing. As soon as it is in place, I will start coding.
You still can guess how it will work...
January 30, 2017
The starting page of my project got a redesign.
The "News" section is now part of the starting page. The intention is to give you information about what is going on at least on a weekly base. Many of my projects require a long preparation until a machine runs, a video is recorded and schematics or animations are painted. With the blog like starting page you will see that I am still working on this project ;-)

Blog January 30, 2017
The machine under construction is another robot. Guess what it will look like and how it works...
December 22, 2016
The video about cutting fluids of CNC v3.2 is online.
Blog December 22, 2016
Coolant and lubricant enable machining of hard materials and stretch the operating life of your milling cutters.
See all news...

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